Interviewed by a journalist from South Korea

The Korean journalist and her interpreter.

The #MeToo movement seems to have brought about a substantial change for people in South Korea and that makes me very happy.

A couple a weeks ago I was interviewed by a journalist from South Korea about how we are working in preschools to provide equality for children.

We spent two and a half hour talking about the Swedish perspective and I did my best to explain why and how we do what we do.

I wished that I was the journalist. I wanted to know so much more about the situation for women in South Korea.

I wish I could have been by Min-ah´s side and observed the big recent changes for women in her country.

So much seems to be changed over the last year in South Korea. 

And I hope this will be a start for them and for the teachers to start discussing the power of norms and how they can be challenged.

The power of the #MeToo Movement seems to be spreading all over the world.

Both boys and girls are suffering from being limited into two different boxes of behaviour. 

That has to be changed. 

Also men's assumed privilege to harass women, that has to stop.